Just For Kids

Just For Kids - Clubhouses and Swing Sets

Since each of our designs are custom built with custom accessories, each set varies in price. Our prices are very competitive to your traditional store sets and other local providers. All our sets are delivered and installed in one day and you do nothing. Just sit back and watch them be built!

  • $990 Starting Price:  3 A-Frame set with platform, ladder, standard slide, 8′ swing beam with 2 standard swings, standard leveling, installation, delivery AND a structural warranty (Small travel fee could be added depending on your Colorado location)
  • Each of our sets are build custom on your property. Standard leveling is included (Extreme leveling could be added at time of install). The sets are constructed level so if you ever move, you can certainly take the set with you to your next yard.
  • Each set is a ‘One of a Kind’ so please make sure to tell us the specifics of what you’re wanting.




Disclaimer:  The above sets are priced based on the structure and could vary in price based on the accessories, trip fees, ground level, etc on each set.  Prices can change without notice and are not in any particular order.  We apologize but we do not offer the reddish color lumber any longer.  Please also refer to any of the options on our website under ‘Accessories/Options/Upgrades’ for clarification on terminology.

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