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Below are our images from builds that range from $10,000 – $20,000.

We had the great pleasure of building a therapy room for an amazing little boy that then lead through a tunnel to his fun space of his own clubhouse with slide, monkey bars & swings.  The therapy room was 8’x8′ with 6′ plus the roof pitch in height which included a structural beam to hold a therapy swing, white board for learning, 4 working windows, solar lights inside & a locking door to access the tunnel to the clubhouse.  This project took approx 6 weeks to complete and was an absolute joy to be a part of.

Full details of build:  8’x8′ Clubhouse with tin roof, Log cabin upgrade on 8×8, 4′ deck height but 6′ height plus roof pitch inside, 4’x8′ uncovered porch, Rope climbing wall, Door into clubhouse from porch, 4 Windows, Solar light installed inside clubhouse, Beam inside for therapy swing, 4’x10′ Climbing wall (non-entry), 2 Cantilevers, Knotted rope climbing (secured at bottom & top) with Dinner bell at top, Tunnel with latching door on 8’x8′ side, 5’x5′ clubhouse with wooden roof, 4′ deck height, 8′ total plus roof pitch, 5′ deck spiral slide, 12′ Swing beam, 1 Web Swing, 1 Dual Glider, 1 Standard swing, 8′ Monkey bars with dual ladders.



Full Details of Build:  10’x12′ footprint tree house with baluster rails where required, open roof, 6’x6′ enclosure inside with wooden roof, 5’ height + roof pitch, openings for standard windows, Trap door entrance in bottom of clubhouse with slanted ladder entry, Half door with latch to exit approx. porch for 200’ zip line, Landing platform with ladder exit, Custom fit with 2 included trees, 2 Drop down buckets.


Disclaimer:  The above sets are priced based on the structure and could vary in price based on the accessories, trip fees, ground level, etc on each set.  Some sets are included in the price category but could be slightly over up to $100. Prices can change without notice and are not in any particular order.  We apologize but we do not offer the reddish color lumber any longer.  Please also refer to any of the options on our website under ‘Accessories/Options/Upgrades’ for clarification on terminology.

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