Welcome to Our Price Estimator Options

Part of the process is figuring out your wants, budget & design.  We’ve included 2 of our Price Estimators that can help you figure out the pricing for a Swing Set design or a Clubhouse design.  This is a good way to start by selecting your starting structure size and going through the many options to build your own set.  Keep in mind that these prices are pretty accurate but can fluctuate depending on but not limited to, specs chosen, travel days, leveling and/or difficulty to access your site.


Click here to go to the Swing Set Estimator                                   Click here to go to the Clubhouse Estimator

#33P8-13 8' Swing set with 2 Standard swings attached to a Platform with a ladder and slide

#5550-24 5'x5' clubhouse with wooden roof, standard slide, rock wall entry, fireman pole, enclosed bottom with full door, 12' monkey bars with dual ladders, 2 standard swings & trapeze


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