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  • Welcome to Jonrie Designs Price Estimator!

    The instructions for the Price Estimator are as followed:
    Option 1: ‘Swing Set’ Price Estimator if you’re wanting a swing set only.
    Option 2: ‘Discount Package Clubhouse’ if you’re wanting to select a lower cost discount set, similar to a Combo meal at your local fast food.
    Option 3: ‘Build Your Own Clubhouse’ if you’re wanting to build a custom clubhouse.
    Once completed, your total will be at the bottom of the page. Please note that the total does not include a travel fee, extreme leveling or difficulty to access location (all are if necessary). Please feel free to call Brie at 719-244-3625 if you should have any questions.
  • Option 1: 'Discount Package Clubhouse' Price Estimator

    Please start by selecting your full structure below. Your Estimated Price will be displayed below. These sets are at a discounted rate & cannot be changed, added or substituted for any other options. The options already include the CASH only discount and cannot be paid with a credit card. If you’re wanting to make a change to these, please select ‘No Thank You’ and move down to the ‘Build Your Own Clubhouse’ section and begin designing your build.

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