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  • Welcome to Jonrie Designs Swing Set Price Estimator!

    The instructions for the Swing Set Price Estimator are as followed:

    ‘Swing Set’ Price Estimator if you’re wanting a swing set only.

    Once completed, your total will be at the bottom of the page. Please note that the total does not include a final travel fee, extreme leveling or difficulty to access location (all are if necessary). Please feel free to call Brie at 719-203-2113 if you should have any questions.

  • Option 1: 'Swing Set' Price Estimator

    Please start by selecting your Starting Structure below. You may then select all additional options and accessories. Your Estimated Price will be displayed below.
    These are the starting details. You can add your swing options below, under ‘Swing Set – Swing Options’


If you’re wanting to get a price on a clubhouse, please select ‘CLUBHOUSE’

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