Just For Kids References


“Dear Jonathan,
Thanks so very much. We LOVE the play structure. I had breakfast with J*** in the playhouse this morning and then we blew lots of bubbles from up there to celebrate it. I love how sturdy it is, how natural it looks, the sand box, the rope wall and your work was as good as your word, which is rare!
You did an awesome job and I realize it was hard work for a very fair price. Thanks again!”

“All four of our children love it. Thank you for working with us and getting it done so quickly!”

“The swing set is simply astounding. My grandson asks for it every morning. He just loves playing on it and we know he is totally safe. All the neighbors have complimented us on it and the way it was blended into our back yard. The whole thing is so well constructed and just simply amazing. We looked for a year to find him a swing set and club house that would fit in our odd back yard and had just about give up when my daughter came across your add on craigslist and we are so glad we did, cannot still even believe it. We cannot thank you guys enough for giving this little guy such a great opportunity to enjoy this. He smiles from ear to ear.
Thanks again”

We LOVE the treehouse/playset! Jonathon…did such a wonderful job and were such a pleasure to have working here. They created an incredibly well-designed, custom treehouse with features that exceeded our expectations and included our entire wishlist! It is amazing how quickly they designed and built a structure that spans three trees and makes our small, sloped yard into a usable play space for many kids at once! What makes me happiest is knowing that Jonathon used all of his expertise as a licensed contractor and built us a treehouse that is safer and will last far longer than a prefab/store bought playset. It is EXACTLY what we were hoping for! We can’t thank you enough.”

“Thanks Brie. The clubhouse is great and you guys were great and very fair and prompt to work with. I appreciate it.”

“We LOVE the clubhouse!! It has been so wonderful and just such a gift! Cant keep the kids off the swings and snacks in the treehouse are memories in the making! I just treasure it all!! THANK YOU!!!”

This is long overdue, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the fantastic work on our new swing set. You and Jonathan were amazing to work with and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We have literally played on it every day since it was installed and it was a HUGE hit at our birthday party as well. We can’t thank you enough for squeezing us in before the party and for Jonathan’s wonderful craftsmanship and attention to detail. His love of his work definitely shows. We look forward to many many years of playing with our kids and watching them play with their friends on our new swing set.
Thank you, thank you! We’ll definitely be referring your business to all of our friends.”

“We love the playhouse.  My kids use it every chance they get.  My daughter especially likes having her own little table down below the little clubhouse.  I am so happy with how sturdy it is and am cnfident that it will easily stand up to my two kids and hte weather of Colorado.”

“Over the last two days, JonRie Designs build a large, custom swingset and clubhouse for C***** in our backyard. Jonathan and Brie were a pleasure to work with an they created a beautiful, custom work of art at a reasonable price. I highly recommend these folks and the work they do – class act!”

“I couldn’t be happier with our new clubhouse! The set and the service is incredible! Jonathan and Mike were SO nice and put the clubhouse together 100% on site, so it fits perfectly exactly where we wanted it located. And it’s so sturdy! There were 7 kids and myself in the clubhouse eating lunch on Saturday out of the rain! AWESOME! I will recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you so very much from our whole family!”

“The kids LOVE their new playset! Y’all are so great to work with too, thanks for letting my son ‘supervise’”.

“We love the playhouse. My kids use it every chance they get. My daughter especially likes having her own little table down below the little clubhouse. I am so happy with how sturdy it is and am confident that it will easily stand up to my two kids and the weather of Colorado.”

“Thanks for everything! The kids love the place and we find them out on it every change they get to be outside…and they love the scrap pieces Jonathan left for us too…we have dozen swords, a few brid houses and various other projects going with those.”

“Dear Jonathan & Brie,
The play set you built for E****’s birthday far exceeded our expectations. The quality, durability and design are superior! On the weekend, Ellie rolls out of bed and heads straight for the swings in her PJs. She has taught her dog to use the stairs leading to the clubhouse and we have discovered it is a great place to have breakfast.
Thanks so much, it was worth every penny!”

“Jonathon & Brie,
Just wanted to write a quick note to say “Thanks!” for all your hard work on our new playset. P**** is THRILLED! Jonathon, you were so VERY patient with her chatter, questions and eagerness to help. I’m sure it got a little old but you never lost your patience. I love that you were able to make the playset work in the relatively tiny space we had set aside for it. And we’ve all been playing on it and of course it’s holding up great.
Thanks again and have a fantastic summer!”

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