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Jonathan and Brie Hendry of Jonrie Designs, LLC

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Jonrie Designs, LLC was established in 2009 by the husband and wife team, Jonathan and Brie in Colorado Springs, CO. Jonathan has a wide history in sales, marketing and construction. All of which make for great personal skills and a fun atmosphere to be with. Jonathan works out in the field and he is the face you will see with Jonrie Designs.  Brie has a history in construction accounting which has made for great number crunching and solving. She runs the office and is the voice you will hear with Jonrie Designs. Together, they have 3 young children and in their free time they enjoy traveling, camping, fishing, 4 wheeling, and doing fun activities with the kids.

Jonrie Designs was originally established as a fix-n-flip company and has transformed over the years to primarily doing Custom Clubhouses in the Spring/Summer months and Residential Construction & Basement Finishes in the Fall/Winter. They do switch it up and do everything year round as needed.

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Residential Construction

Jonrie Designs, LLC is a licensed and insured Building Contractor/Project Manager (class B-E) that started with the traditional ‘fix-n-flips’/home remodels with a sale price ranging from $90,000 – $260,000. They have worked with budgets that range from $1,000 – $70,000 but also do other services that are needed on individual bases. Jonrie Designs, LLC has a team of Contractors from Tile Installers, Electricians, Plumbers, Laborers and Painters that they work close with to get you the lowest price out there. Jonrie Designs, LLC pride themselves on being able to beat the other Licensed and Insured bids you get. Jonrie Designs, LLC also works with several Realtors and Property Management Groups in the Colorado Springs area to get home repairs done quick before closings or on investment rentals. They also do residential repairs, remodels and basement finishes.  They welcome the challenge!! Together, “Let’s make your dream home a reality.”


Jonrie Designs, LLC has also been building swing sets and custom clubhouses all around the state of Colorado officially since 2009. Jonathan built his first custom clubhouse in 2007 for his own kids to play on. This was the start of his new passion. Since then, each year the demand has gotten progressively larger and keeps us busy full time from March-September. Our clubhouses are still being built from October-February but the demand is smaller. Jonrie Designs, LLC can custom build each one so they can all be a bit different. They can do a standard 8′ swing set and up to a customers dream, the options are endless. Unlike other businesses, they also pride themselves on saying that there’s never been a yard they couldn’t build in. Give them a design/idea or request a standard set and either way your kids will be in heaven.

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